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Early Warning Signs of Sexually Transmitted Disease for Women

STD's can be acquired by having both oral and vaginal sex, genital touching, and any kind of penetration. Regardless if you are single or married, you are susceptible to STD especially if you are not fond of using protection. If you worry that you had actually one, here are the early warning signs of having sexually transmitted disease for women.


Unfortunately, you cannot easily determine if you had acquired Chlamydia already. You will only notice the symptoms 1-3 weeks after you’ve acquired Chlamydia. The symptoms includes painful urination with no history of Urinary Tract Infection, abnormal pain in lower abdomen, thick and yellowish vaginal discharge, pain during sexual intercourse, and spotting during menstruation.


Gonorrhea can be acquired mostly because of oral sex. It’s a bacterial infection that can spread from your genita tract to your mouth, throat, anus, and even your eyes. Ten days after you’ve been exposed to Gonorrhea, you will notice frequent bloody discharge, painful urination, unusual and heavy menstrual period, bowel movements, and rashes in your anus.


The Trichomonas vaginal is a one-celled parasite that can pose a great threat to your reproductive health. You can acquire Trichomoniasis from your infected partner during sexual intercourse. For women, vaginas are greatly affected by this parasite and you may notice the early warning signs about a month after you’ve acquired the disease.

The symptoms include the following: yellowish vaginal discharge, foul vaginal smell, irritation of your genitals, pain while having sex, and unusual pain during urination.


HIV is one of the most common sexually transmitted disease caused by the immunodeficiency virus. This virus can affect your immune system in combating potential illness and disease, letting other diseases enters your body and it will usually lead to AIDS that can pose a great threat to your life when not immediately treated.

Most of the people (both men and women, even gays) develop fever in the first six weeks of being infected. It is accompanied with headache, swollen throat, inflammation of lymph glands, rashes on your skin, over-fatigue, diarrhea that never goes away, excessive weight loss, and shortness of breath.

Unfortunately, these symptoms are often mistaken for a simple flu that can be treated with over-the-counter antibiotics. However, in the later stage, unexplained body fatigue, night sweats, chills, inflammation of lymph nodes for over 12 weeks, migraine, and various infections will confirm that you have HIV. Should you notice any of the aforementioned symptoms in your body, you should immediately visit your doctor in order to confirm and see how you can suppress the virus from spreading all over your body. Many people are too embarrassed to visit their doctor, if that is the case there are many walk in std testing clinics near you that you could visit and get tested for STD's the same day even. Here are a couple good videos

An STD, indeed, is a life-threatening disease. Unfortunately, many people are infected with this serious disease because of careless sex or simply having multiple partners without using protection. Take good care of your reproductive health because once any of its parts malfunctions, it can be really hard to go on with your daily routine without being interrupted by the pain and worry that STD might end your life any moment. To find STD testing near you click here:
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